The Weeping Willow

928bb64830106c55bbe538a79f9b21b5The weeping willow
Weeped all day
The weeping willow
Had no time to play

Weeping willow had a friend
George was his name
One day he left
It was such a shame

Remembering the times
When he ran through my leaves
And now When I think about him
It just makes me grieve 

The weeping willow
Weeped all day
The weeping Willow
Has no time to play

By: Ellie and Brooke

Copper The Cowardly Dog

bulah-belle-the-bloodhound_52321_2010-11-26_w450Copper the cowardly dog, was running and bumped into a log, He was scared and frightened, his chest even tightened Copper the cowardly dog

Copper the cowardly dog was sniffing a flower thought it was a tower then jumped away like it was his last day  on earth

Copper the cowardly dog hears a sneeze then goes and pees Copper the cowardly dog

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The picture

There it was
Someone who draws
The picture

It was right there
The canvas was so bare
Until someone draws the picture

 It would light up the room
But it had yet to bloom                                                                                     Someone had to paint the picture

 So I stepped up                                                                                               Put the paint in the cup                                                                                      And started to paint the picture

 Yellows and blues                                                                                           I tried not to overuse                                                                                         When I tried to paint the picture

It ended up great                                                                                               Painting was my fate                                                                                       I was glad I painted the picture

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Standing there
I watch the man
Wondering what I can do
Hoping he’s alright
Hoping he has a family
Hoping I can help him

I sit and think
Then I know
I jump up
I jump down
I run to him
I take his hand

Now I know
He is cold
He is frighted
He is all alone

I hope he will be alright
I hope his day will be better
I hope I helped him

I know I will be alright
I know my day will be better
I know he helped me

The Mountain!

There I was
Soaring high
Watching people
They were dancing
They were singing

While I was just wondering
Wondering what it’s like
While they’re dancing
Dancing on a mountain

I was stuck in the sky
While the people were playing
On the mountain

I was stuck being a creature
A little creature of wings
While watching the creatures
The creatures of legs

I wanted to be
On the mountain
I wanted to be
A creature with legs

I look up to the sky
Make my wish
Then turn away
And hope

When I go to sleep
I dream of being
A creature with legs
On the mountain
Dancing and singing

When I wake up
I am no longer
In the trees
I am on the mountain

I am now a creature with legs
I no longer soar through the sky
I dance with open arms on the mountain

I am alone
For now
I wait
For another
Creature with legs

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When I Think

When I think how I act
My dad comes to mind
When I think how I look
My parents comes to mind

People say I act like my dad
They say I’ve got his sense of humor
People say I look like my parents
They say I’ve got my dads nose
They say I’ve got my moms mouth
They say I’ve got both of their eyes

When I think about my height
My uncle comes to my mind
When I think about my grades
My mom comes to my mind

People say my height is like my uncles
They say I am a little bit short like him
People say my grades are like my moms
They say I am smart like she is

When I think about me
I come to mind!


Kid President’s How To Be Awesome!

kidpresquotesKid President has declared this year the year of the kid! For the year of the kid we all should do something to make the world a better place. Here are some ways to make the world a better place.

One way to make the world a better place is to help people out. Some ways to help people out is to help them carry something if it looks really heavy, or you could do just to be nice. Another thing you could do to help someone out is if your at a restaurant and somebody is behind you, in front of you, or beside you, you could pay for their meal just to be nice.

A second way you could make the world a better place is to recycle. Recycling is good for the earth so therefor you are making the world a better place. So if  your taking a walk or just playing outside, then if you see trash then recycle the recyclables and throw away the trash. It would make a huge difference, especially if everybody pitched in!

There are so many ways to make the world a better place. You just can pick one! So in the words of Kid President, You can do it! Never Say Never. It’s all about the journey. You are Awesome! You only fail if you don’t try. High five!

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How Much Time Do You Spend Online?

Are you spending to much time online? Are you online more than is healthy? If so, you might want to consider reading this post.

I think teenagers should have a limited time of two hours a day online. I think this because most teenagers are online way more than is healthy for them. Most teenagers are on their phones constantly. I don’t think that is the best way to spend your time.

I spend about one and a half hours to two hours a day online. That isn’t the best for me but it certainly isn’t the worst! Some kids spend up to five hours a day online! In my opinion that is way to much. Occasionally I will online longer than two hours. I know it’s not the best for me but it helps pass time on a long car ride. In my opinion occasionally I think it is alright to go a little longer than you’re used to.

Sometimes being online can have big affect on the way you act. Sometime if your on it to long one night, it can make you super tired the next day, or even later that day. So being online can have a big affect on you.

If I were a parent with a kid with a phone/iPod my rules would be you are not aloud on your electronics after eight o’clock. You would also not be aloud on it for more than two and a half hours a day. If my kids were to break the rule they would not be aloud on them for two days. They would also only be aloud to get on appropriate websites or games.

So that is my opinion on the internet. I’m not saying mine is the best opinion but I think it is a good one. So if you think you are online to long, you might want to reconsider your time.

My Inspiration!

Inspirational-Quotes-2Inspiration is a really important thing. It is important because it is something that can happen wherever whenever that can change you life forever. I’ve had a lot of inspiration in my life. It is so hard just to pick one thing, but for this project I chose to do it on a few little girls.

I help teach a little dance class for three and four year old’s at the YMCA. The way the little girls inspired me is one day in class I wore my dance team warm ups and I was getting the girls in line for their dance. I have pins on my jacket and they pointed up to them and asked what they were. When I answered them they were talking about how they bet I do really good. I know that might not sound like they inspired me but they really did.

The way the little girls inspired me is I was thinking about not do the competition team next year. The reason I was thinking that is because I don’t like going in for extra practices. When they said that though is inspired me to keep going with it. I realized I should keep going with it because they were talking about how they thought I did really good and when I hear something like that it makes me realize I can inspire people just like they did me.

So inspiration is a very important thing. It could happen anywhere at any time. Those girls inspired me to keep going with something no matter how hard or tiring it can be. So thank you to Cameron, Lillian, Adele, Lily, Katy, Morgan, Ruby, Addison, Avery, Riley, and Kyla. For teaching me to go through with everything that is worth it.

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Video Games

hero-3Today’s topic for our blog post is video games. That’s a great topic for some people, but not so much for others. Today I will be talking about my Wii U.

I don’t get on the Wii U much but when I do I do it with my dad and two sisters Alexis and Chloe. When we do get on it we normally play the same two games. I don’t really know the names to them but they’re really fun.

The first game is like this Mario tag game. In this game there are three little mushroom things and one Mario. The mushrooms chase Mario and if they catch him within a certain amount of time then the mushrooms win, if not then Mario wins. When we play this game we all normally take turns being Mario.

The next game is about three Mario’s and one ghost. The three Mario’s have a flash light, and if they shine it on the ghost for a certain amount of time the the Mario’s win. The ghost’s part is he has to run into the Mario’s and if he does then the Mario that was hit passes out. He can also be revived if another Mario shine his light on him long enough. We all take turns being the ghost on this game.

So those are the games I play on my Wii U. Although I don’t play them much they are fun for me.

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