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Inspirational-Quotes-2Inspiration is a really important thing. It is important because it is something that can happen wherever whenever that can change you life forever. I’ve had a lot of inspiration in my life. It is so hard just to pick one thing, but for this project I chose to do it on a few little girls.

I help teach a little dance class for three and four year old’s at the YMCA. The way the little girls inspired me is one day in class I wore my dance team warm ups and I was getting the girls in line for their dance. I have pins on my jacket and they pointed up to them and asked what they were. When I answered them they were talking about how they bet I do really good. I know that might not sound like they inspired me but they really did.

The way the little girls inspired me is I was thinking about not do the competition team next year. The reason I was thinking that is because I don’t like going in for extra practices. When they said that though is inspired me to keep going with it. I realized I should keep going with it because they were talking about how they thought I did really good and when I hear something like that it makes me realize I can inspire people just like they did me.

So inspiration is a very important thing. It could happen anywhere at any time. Those girls inspired me to keep going with something no matter how hard or tiring it can be. So thank you to Cameron, Lillian, Adele, Lily, Katy, Morgan, Ruby, Addison, Avery, Riley, and Kyla. For teaching me to go through with everything that is worth it.

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